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Display a name tag that follows each cursor on screen#14

Hello we are looking (and have been for years for a way to use a program such as mousemux so that we can share a screen via Skype and then collaborate and discuss for example design drawings, pictures, documents and so on but while doing that in some way identify which person is pointing with which cursor so if it would be possible to display a name tag on screen following each cursor it will be the most sought after feature and it would make our Day… everyday :)
We have used Netviewer meet and Teamplayer but the first solution is no more to find and the second is way to expensive for our small team.
Btw thanks for develeoping such awesome software!

a year ago

This is something that is eventually coming. Will take some time though, but some initial design is already under way. Thanks for the kind words!

a year ago

Thanks for replying quickly and for looking into it in the future. Looking forward to it and meanwhile will use Mousemux with regular colored dpts which is a big step forward comparing to all other options. Thanks for all your hard work with this app and please keep it up :)

a year ago

Has this been implemneted yet? thanks

9 months ago