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Option to isolate a mouse on the chosen secondary monitor#42


If you need a second or third user to control and work only one specific window, it can be useful for him to work on a second monitor, only it is good that he is isolated the mouse on that specified monitor so that the mouse is not lost on the others windows that may not be visible to them on the spot. It is good that it has a Window option to only list all open windows that can be accessed through the right-click mouse context menu. A very useful second option for a user to send the window to a second specified monitor, and have a chat that shows messages when a user needs to talk to the other (example: I go to the toilet and I need you to keep monitoring this window for me), and this chat is hidden, it only shows a balloon over the icon with a small message alert received or unread (with a number of messages received or a letter icon), which can be read when accessed through the right- click. It can be useful in a company, where software is not collaborative in a network, and so it makes it possible to be controlled by several users in real time and speeding up processes, and even making it possible to separate users, being 1 in a room, and the other in the next room. Example 2: in any situation where you need to have a secondary monitor projector for a presentation, movie theater or live presentation, and a person is responsible for presenting slides or inserting texts, captions, or slides in real time as in Churches, while gold operates other options. Example 3: in a studio, where the band can access the return channels on the other side of the room and change each one as they need, without depending on the producer ControlRoom.

a month ago